Golden Globes Fashion
Last night, my annual Golden Globes Fashion party on my Facebook Page was a huge success.  Many logged in to talk about the Golden Globes fashion seen at last night’s awards.  Here is a recap of the Golden Globe fashion hits and misses and all the commentary from my Page last night.

First, we must talk about Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s outstanding performance.  Last night’s show was the first time I wished the hosts had more airtime.  The co-hosts started the evening in gorgeous gowns that looked a little two holiday festive when they stood side-by-side.  The beginning of the show also introduced the biggest fashion trend of the evening last night…the plunging neckline which seriously had me thinking:

Golden Globes Fashion Trend: Plunging Necklines

Golden Globes Fashion

Plunging Necklines at the Golden Globes Golden Globes Fashion Kate Hudson

Personally, I didn’t like Kate Hudson’s look.  It was too Cleopatra meets lion tamer for my taste.


Eva Longoria Golden Globes Fashion


My post on my page (pictured above) says all I have to say on Evan Longoria’s dress.


Amy Poehler Plunging Neckline 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


By the time we got to Amy Poehler’s second neckline plunging dress it started to seem a bit repetitive.  Don’t get me wrong, she looked gorgeous, but, when it comes to inner side boob, once is enough.

Bill Murray is the New Helena Bonham Carter 

This is the way I feel about Helena Bonham Carter:


Helena Bonham Carter Golden Globes Fashion


I can’t get enough of that wacky chick.  Her outfit wasn’t as crazy as year’s past (remember the two colored shoes?), but the lip purse was too much crazy fun for words.  However, after a few quick scans of Bill Murray at the Golden Globes last night, I think HBC may have some stiff competition for weirdness.


Bill Murray Helena Bonham Carter Golden Globes Fashion 2013


My Favorite Golden Globes Fashion Disasters

Okay, let’s move into everyone’s favorite topic; the fashion disasters!  There were plenty of them last night and let’s start with the biggest:


Jennifer Lopez 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


Everyone gets to a point in their lives when dressing half naked with intricately placed coverage just isn’t cute anymore.  Jennifer Lopez, this ended for you decades ago.


Rosario Dawson 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


There is so much that is wrong with Rosario Dawson’s dress from last night it’s hard to know where to start.  Okay, the color- bad…for her.  The peplum looked like a toilet paper cloud and the waistline is way too high so her waist looked shortened which made her torso look wide, and with that high neckline, she look ill-proportioned.  Shame, really.


Lucy Liu 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


I don’t know what Lucy Liu was thinking,  but apparently Laura Ashley puked all over her dress.


Amanda Seyfried Golden Globes Fashion 2013


I just didn’t like it.   Lace and toilet paper are never a good choice for a gown.


Jessica Chastain 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


Well there’s that weird minty shade again, looking lovely on Jessica Chastain’s coloring (better than Rosario Dawson), but the silhouette had me perplexed.  It was so…so…ugly.  Oh and note the plunging neckline…again.


Catherine Zeta Jones and Megan Fox 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


While both Catherine Zeta Jones and Megan Fox are gorgeous women, in both cases, the colors they wore failed them.  They were too light, too washed out and not bold enough for the colorings of both these women.


Anne Hathaway 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


While I didn’t totally hate Anne Hathaway’s dress, I didn’t love it either.  No, it doesn’t belong in the Fashion Disaster category, but, I thought it looked stiff and plaster-like.  She better looking than this dress.  But…at least her hoo-ha didn’t show.

Golden Globes Fashion Winners 


Jodie Foster 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


Jodie Foster looked beautiful.  Even though her speech was a bit ramble-y and weird, she was still elegant, still classy and still looking amazing at 50.


Jennifer Lawrence 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


I heard Jennifer Lawrence had the flu last night.  Really?  I never look this good when I’m sick.  Damn her.


Jessica Alba 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


Coral shades always look good on people, which is why it is considered a universal color.  I thought Jessica Alba looked divine…but her purse.  Does she have a leash for that thing?


Julianne Moore 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


I really did love Julianne Moore’s dress.  Photographed, it is stunning.  On stage there were parts that I LOVED, loved, loved, loved, yet other parts looked weird, weird, weird, like the severe shoulders and the way the white ran down the side of the skirt.  However, I still liked this dress and thought she looked beautiful…well, maybe except for her cone hair.


Jennifer Garner 2013 Golden Globes Fashion


A lot of people didn’t love Jennifer Garner’s hair but I was too busy wishing I could be one of her and Ben Affleck’s three kids to notice it.  I thought she looked beautiful.  I loved the color.

Well, it was a lot of fun on my Facebook Pagelast night as we talked fashion all night long.  We’ll be doing it for the Oscars as well.  Feel free to join us!