Tote Bags Under $100If you’re looking for tote bags under $100, then hopefully this blog will help you find the right one that is not only stylish but versatile.

In this day and age, a tote bag is a staple item for most women as we lug most of our lives around with us all day.  I know for myself, I won’t carry a bag these days unless I can store my iPad inside of it and, being a New Yorker, I need my tote bags to be lightweight and roomy. Whether you’re a student, a mom, a career woman or both, the functionality of a bag can make or break your day.  

Yet, when it comes to choosing a functional bag, many of us go for safe and boring thinking that by sacrificing style we will be able to carry the bag with whatever we wear.  However, what I also want to explain to you is that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function and the following bags will prove just that.   Here are my top 5 tote bags for under $100, in no particular order, and why.

LeSportsac Quilted Zipper Tote

Tote Bags Under $100

Why I love this tote bag

If you’re familiar with LeSportsac then you know they are basically indestructible bags.  I have a LeSportsac that I use as my carry on and, after numerous flights, wear-and-tear, and abuse, the bag shows absolutely no sign of giving out.   Prior to getting this bag, I’d wreck a bag in less than six months.  LeSportsac has a utilitarian design without scrimping on style.

I chose a metallic LeSportsac because you can’t go wrong with a metallic bag, ever.  Few women like changing their bags and, when it comes to a tote bag, want one that they can use daily.  Metallic is versatile for that very reason; it doesn’t matter what you are wearing metallic will work with it.

The LeSportsac Quilted Zipper Tote is on sale right now at Amazon for $77.49, regularly $128.

Aldo’s ULLUM Tote Bag

Tote Bags Under $100

Why I love this tote bag

If you’re looking for more of a polished looking tote bag, I really like Aldo’s ULLUM bag because it’s stylish and looks more expensive than it is.  I have some experience with Aldo bags and am always shocked by how well they stand up given how cheap they are.  My go-to handbag has been an Aldo handbag for some time now.   This is also a great style for work but can make a weekend look with jeans.

I chose the ULLUM bag in taupe because taupe is another color that works with everything you choose to wear.   While it may seem like a no-brainer to carry a black tote bag, what happens when you abandon black and choose to wear brown?  Suddenly you black tote bag looks out of place.  However, any mid-brown or taupe shaded bag will work with any neutral shade, from browns to blacks to greys, olives and navy.

The Aldo ULLUM Tote is available on the Aldo website (and maybe their stores) for $60.

Latico Leather Classic Leather Tote

Tote Bags Under $100

Why I love this tote bag

Latico Leather is another favorite bag company of mine.  My other staple go-to bag is a copper metallic bag by this company.  The quality of the leather and hardware seriously stands the test of time and the thoughtful design elements, like the magnet inside the bags that you can hang your keys from, make these bags smart, beautiful and incredibly practical.

Now, you may be wondering why I chose a yellow bag.  Believe it or not, yellow is a great handbag color to choose if you want to add some versatile pop to your wardrobe.  There isn’t a neutral shade that yellow won’t work with and many other colors work well with yellow, as well.  And, don’t worry, if you hate yellow but love the bag, it comes in a variety of other colors, too.

Latico Leather handbags usually sell for over $200, however, DSW sells many of their styles below $100.  The Latico Leather Classic Leather Tote is on sale at DSW for $89.95, originally $218.

Also, check out this other gorgeous metallic tote bag by Latico Leather for for only $79.94, originally $219.

AK Anne Klein Handbag, Perfect Tote

Tote Bags Under $100

Why I love this tote bag

Unlike the other bag companies, I don’t have any real experience with AK Anne Klein handbags, however, reviewers loved this bag because it was a great carry-all, they found it worked well for work, was lightweight and there were lots of different pockets inside to keep small items from getting lost.  These are usually key factors in a good tote bag.

I chose this bag, style-wise, because the most part, women wear solid colors.  Very few of my clients admit to liking or wearing prints all that much.  If this is the case for you, consider getting an animal printed tote in a versatile shade that will work with all the colors in your closet.  You can add some interest to an otherwise somber outfit.  A bag like this one by AK Anne Klein will work well with any neutral shade you may wear and is understated enough that you can also wear color with it as well.

This bag is available at Macy’s for $65.99, originally$89.00

Nine West Handbag, Can’t Stop Shopper Large Double Zip Tote

Tote Bags Under $100

Why I love this tote bag

Like the AK Anne Klein bag, I don’t have a lot of experience with Nine West bags, however, Nine West routinely brings the hottest trends to the masses with their spot on merchandise at good prices.  Will this bag last you the rest of your life like some of the other bags?  Probably not.  Yet, if you want to spend on a little trend without guilt or remorse, it’s not a bad idea to check out what Nine West has to offer.

I chose this particular color because as we move into the warmer months, most of us will be craving some color.  In addition, be prepared, spring is going to be all about color.  Green is a shade that is often called a colored neutral, which means it works well with any color you pair with it (similar to yellow).  So, no matter how bright your outfit may be, this fruity bag will complement it.  In addition, if you want to brighten an outfit that is primarily neutral in color, a bright green bag will bring in some excitement.  Trust me, get a green bag and you’ll be shocked by just how often you use it.

The Nine West Handbag, Can’t Stop Shopper Large Double Zip Tote is on sale at Macy’s for $62.99, originally $85.

I hope these bag choices will put you well on your way towards finding tote bags for under $100.