Bold Shoes While I’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes, there are some ladies out there who avoid buying bold shoes for fear that they won’t be able to come up enough ways to wear them to justify the expense.

However, by not investing in at least one pair of bold shoes, you may be missing out on great and easy ways to put some stylish looks together.  

A pair of bold shoes in styles like a print, bright color or metallic can make a classic outfit look interesting, can add a pop to a look that is more drab and can be the easiest way to accessorize.  Yes, shoes are considered accessories, if you didn’t know.

Think about all the times where you grabbed a boring black pump or pedestrian looking flats and then think about ways you can use bold shoes to transform the outfit.  Here are some looks to give you some ideas.  For shopping information on all looks, simply click the image for more information.

Looks Using Bold Shoes

Bold Shoes

When wanting to add a bold pair of shoes to an outfit, we often look to the colors found in the outfit.  However, you can also choose a complementary color instead.  In this case, I chose a bright yellow shoe that works with the blue dress but adds some interest.  Tying it together, I chose a printed clutch and yellow earrings to create balance.

Bold Shoe

For you little black dress lovers out there, consider wearing  bold shoes over a basic black shoe.  If you’re seeking versatility, you can’t go wrong with a metallic style which will match just about everything you own.  I love these metallic shoes because they are gold and silver.

Bold Shoes

If you’re considering a printed pair of bold shoes, before you go out and buy a pair, take a good look at the dominant colors in your wardrobe as the prints you buy for your shoes should work with what you already own.

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of prints in your clothing but want to dabble more, try printed shoes.

Bold shoes

Another way to choose bold shoes is to look at the prints in your wardrobe.  In this case, I went with a coral colored shoe that works perfectly with this dress.  However, when picking a bold shoe shade based on one print, be sure that the shoe color you choose can work with other things you own.  Coral shoes can be very versatile as the color looks beautiful with an assortment of neutral colors from navy to grey and even shades of browns, khakis and olives.

Bold shoes

Lastly, bold shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable nor do they have to be high heels.  You can choose a great ballerina flat or sandal and still make a bold statement.  Few feel like they ever go wrong owning a pair of red flats.