Fix Broken Makeup We’ve all had that moment where we go to open up a makeup compact only to find that the contents have completely cracked or crumbled.  I posted this photo of my busted up bronzer to my Instagram and Facebook Page after my bronzer cracked with a caption that simply read: “I hate when this happens!”  Shortly afterwards, I received quite a few comments letting me know that it is possible to fix broken makeup.  Some of the advice was so simple that I had to try it out for myself.  

I have to thank my friend Dawnn who sent me a video that I actually used to save this bronzer.   However, curious if it would actually work, I decided to make my own video of me trying out these tips I had learned.     You will see that repairing any makeup that has broken is super simple and just involves a few household items.

To fix broken makeup you’ll need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol with a content of 91% if you can find it.  Lower alcohol content will work just fine.  It will just take longer to dry.
  • A syringe or dropper for dispensing the alcohol
  • A Ziploc Bag
  • One Quarter
  • A piece of cotton.  A piece of an old t-shirt will work just fine
  • The back of a butter knife

The video will take you step by step  with me on how to fix broken makeup so you’ll never again have to toss out anything after it has crumbled.