Sondra Celli When people hear the name Sondra Celli, they immediately associate it with the over-the-top gowns seen on TLC’s “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”.  While Sondra has been the go-to designer for these eccentric folks for decades, she wants us know that she custom designs for everyone – every age, size and shape; something you may have seen on her own TLC show last year,“Bling It On”.

Sondra told me that what she loves everything about what she does and that she considers herself one of the luckiest people on the planet to be able to wake up every morning and go to work making people happy.  The self-described Imaginarium Manager, Creative Consultant, Designer of Dreams and Boss of Bling gets to design the dress of her clients’ dreams or bling out a one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone or custom create an outfit for an individual with a disability who cannot buy off the rack. The best part, she said, is getting thank you notes from clients telling her that they felt “absolutely beautiful” in one of her designs.  

This Uncommon Crystal Couture Designer and TLC host also told me that her personal mission is to use her talents to make people’s dreams come true, whether it’s custom designing a dress for a young girl living with a disfigurement who wants to feel sexy at her senior prom or creating a gorgeous layette in celebration of a baby’s birth or working with a bride to make the wedding dress of her dreams.  Professionally, her mission is to consistently put her heart, soul, and creative talents into everything she designs!

Needless to say, this personal and professional passion takes commitment.  Sondra works long hours and the majority of weekends but her love of her work hardly feels like a job.

If you want to see more of Sondra’s work, you can tune into the new season of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” which premiered March 24th on TLC.  Currently Sondra is designing four wild and bling-tastic dresses for a big gypsy reunion that’s going to be featured on the new season.

Now, let’s take a Style Minute with Sondra Celli to find out what is going on with her own personal style.

My closet: is totally organized…because I am.

Favorite thing to wear:   Comfortable!  You’ll usually find me in jeans, a big sweater and sneakers.

Favorite shoes:  My Sondra Celli bling sandals!  They are flats and come in all different styles and all different color crystals.  I get compliments whenever I wear them.

Favorite store: Target!  Since I have so little free time, shopping there allows me to do one-stop shopping.  I can pick up everything from office supplies to pet food and groceries.  It’s a work-a-holic’s dream!

Most regrettable fashion purchase: Haven’t really had that problem yet.  If I buy something that I later don’t like I just redesign it or bling it out!

I know I look good when:  Rita, my makeup stylist, has finished doing my makeup!

 If I were to attended the Oscars I would wear:  A custom design Sondra Celli, of course! And, a pair of my bling eyeglasses.  (One of my bestselling fashion accessories)

Favorite magazine:  SALT put out by Swarovski

Favorite Color:  Rainbow!  Because every color, when coordinated with the right elements, can be beautiful!

Most prized accessory:  My bling eyeglasses

Shopping is: an art form.  I love hunting for deals on shoes and gifts and GROUPON specials for dining out.

 Last purchase: Rhinestones, of course!

Favorite clothing era:  The 1960’s because of the great pop colors.  Remember Peter Max?

My inspiration:  Everything inspires me…art, nature, architecture, food, even a box of crayons!

My style:  Eclectic

For more with Sondra and the American Gypsies, listen to this interview I recently did with her.

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