bras don't offer supportLeave it to a man to conduct a study and find that bras don’t offer support.  French sports medicine expert Jean-Denis Rouillon has studied breasts for the past 15 years and concluded that not only do bras not offer support but they may also cause saggy breasts.  Clearly this guy has never looked at the photos of topless African tribeswomen in a National Geographic magazine whose breasts are often shown dangling somewhere down around their knees.

I’m not trying to argue with the guy and his 15 years of ta-ta research, however, I have been wearing a bra longer than that and I can’t imagine not having support for these 34D (sometimes DD) casaba melons.  Jean-Denis Rouillon, who is a sports medicine professor from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon in France, believes that bras do little in helping breasts from sagging and, in fact, may increase it.  He believes a bra inhibits the growth of breast tissue and contributes to poor posture and muscle tone, he said, adding that “the breast will gradually degrade.”

bras don't offer supportAfter studying 330 women ages 18-35, whose breasts were measured regularly, those who didn’t wear a bra saw a lift of 7mm per year towards the shoulder, the breasts became firmer and stretch marks disappeared.

While one participant, aged 28 who stopped wearing a bra two years ago, agreed with the study that bras don’t offer support, claiming that she breathes better, has better posture and less back pain, can we all agree that bras aren’t worn simply for perky-boob longevity, we also wear bras for comfort and look? I mean, having a large chest, I can’t walk down a flight of stairs braless without discomfort and forget how I would look dressed without a bra on; I don’t know where my boobs would end up…probably somewhere under my armpits.  Is it really worth the discomfort, unwanted stares from men and that I would look like I’m hiding two unruly bowling balls underneath my clothing for a lousy 7mm of perkiness in two years? I don’t think so.  Oh, and can we just talk about running on a treadmill braless?  I shudder at the thought.

Perhaps going braless would work for those less endowed women who have the option of going through life braless, who can embrace things like tube tops, halter dresses and plunging necklines, or for those who have large breasts through way of a plastic surgeon, however, for those who need a bra to simply keep their boobies from slapping them in the face when they walk I think more research is needed.