Eco-Friendly FashionTwo years ago on Earth Day I spotted these people walking around in quite an eco-friendly fashion statement; outfits made entirely out of plastic shopping bags.  While these looks definitely got my attention, there certainly are other ways to honor mother earth fashionably.   If you’re looking for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and beauty alternatives, here are some of my favorite brands and resources.

My Favorite Eco-Friendly Fashion and Beauty Resources

eco-friendly fashion

Ecouterre: is a website devoted to the future of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion design.  They showcase and support designers who not only contemplate cut, form, and drape, but also a garment’s social and environmental impact, from the cultivation of its fibers to its use and disposal.

In September 2009,Jill Fehrenbacher launched Ecouterre to dispel any disparaging stereotypes that still cling to the concept of eco-fashion (hemp ponchos, anyone?), while highlighting innovations in fiber technology that will help pave the way for designers and manufacturers to embrace sustainable materials and processes.

Her goal with Ecouterre is for both designers and consumers to start taking the issue of sustainability in clothing design more seriously. More than simply a laundry list of sustainable clothing and accessories you can buy, Ecouterre’s mission is to inform, inspire, and encourage innovation.

Eco-friendly Fashion Naya Shoes: Not only are Naya shoes my number one choice for comfort, they take a thoughtful approach by making choices that matter. Naya selects environmentally preferred materials, whenever possible, in designing every Naya shoe that brings together relaxed, sophisticated design and exceptional comfort in shoes that leave a softer footprint on the Earth.

Whenever possible the Naya shoe collection includes:

  • Natural or recycled content fabrics
  • Water-based cements
  • Footbeds containing natural cork
  • Outsoles containing natural materials
  • Boxes made with 80% recycled paper pulp, soy-based inks and water-based glue
  • Reusable shoe bags and shoe forms made with recycled PET

Eco-friendly Fashion Rahua: For eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products, I suggest Rahua Hair Care products which were developed by my former hairstylist of 15 years, Fabian Lliguin.  All Rahua products are 100% natural and use the rahua oil  harvested from the Amazon Rainforest to fortify weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles and is free of parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes.  Additionally, Rahua has created a sustainable business in partnership with women from Amazonian nations. Sharing  their reverence for the rainforest and its indigenous cultures, the Rahua and ungurahua oils are sourced and processed by these women and men in accordance with the traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.

Eco-friendly Fashion Nael Coce: If you’re like me, you didn’t immediately realize that Nael Coce is eco clean spelled backwards.   I came to know this brand when the creator of these shoes, Sheena Young (who happens to be pursuing her Ph.D. in chemistry) sent me a pair.   Eco-friendly fashion aside for a second, these shoes are convertible and contain a ballerina flat inside a heel…um, hello comfort genius!  Additionally,   odor resistant, antibacterial insole and are made from environmentally safe synthetic materials.

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly fashion or beauty brands?  I’d love to hear about them!