Did you know that 25% of your wardrobe budget should go towards your accessories?  You didn’t?  Well, now you do.  I’m still trying to figure out why women loathe accessorizing so much, but I am hoping that my five reasons to accessorize will change your mind.   Accessorizing should be seen like the spice of an outfit.  This is why I call accessorize outfits Chicken Outfits.  In order for the chicken to be tasty, it needs flavor.  The flavors come from the spices that are added to the chicken.  Chicken on its own is rather flavorless.

The Five Reasons You Should Accessorize

Reason #1 You’ll Save Money

You may be wondering why adding more to your shopping list will save you money.  Here’s the reason: The more accessories you own, the less clothing you will have to buy, it’s that simple.  Why?  Well, for the most part, a woman’s wardrobe is basics driven; it’s the accessorizing that changes up the looks.  The more accessories you have (which are often cheaper in price than clothing and can be worn multiple times per week) are what change up your look.  So, imagine having one dress that you can accessorize four different ways simply with a shoe change or different jewelry.  This will cost you a lot less than having multiple stand-alone outfits that can’t be changed up through your accessories.

Reason #2 You’ll Save Time

If accessorizing is an additional step, how exactly will it save time, you’re wondering?  Most of my clients are busy women.  When they first start working with me, they groan at the idea of accessorizing, thinking they have enough to do in the morning.  The string of pearls that they wear day in and day out may be boring them to tears but at least they don’t have to think about it.

Time is saved via accessorizing because you can go for trusted and basic outfits that you know work and use the accessories to change up the looks and make them more interesting.  Accessories can give one piece in your wardrobe multiple looks.   This takes a lot less time than the time you spend staring at your closet trying to figure out how to put a whole new outfit together.   Seriously, how long does it take to put a necklace over your head, like .3 seconds?  I am sure you can spare that much time.  Have some easy, yet interesting accessories on hand that are fail-safes and will always work.  My suggestions are accessories in green or yellow (both green and yellow work with any color you’re wearing) and gold and silver in interesting shapes.  If you can have at least these in your arsenal of accessories, you’ll always have accessories on hand that work and make an outfit.  Time is saved and you look good.  You can check out a video on how I put several looks together using one staple dress I own.  It’s a bit long and it will take longer to watch than it will for you to accessorize.

Reason #3 You’ll Stand Out

Okay, so you’re sick of being just another acceptably dressed nobody, you feel blah and just another face in the crowd.  Well, hello, McFly, why do you think that is?  It’s your lack of accessorizing that is making it happen.  Imagine you and another woman were standing side-by-side, both wearing a pair of tailored pants and a button-down shirt.  The one who is going to stand out is going to be the person who chooses an interesting pair of shoes and finishes her look with a great necklace, some colorful jewelry or a handbag that isn’t dull.  If you want to stand out, accessorize.  When you accessorize, you can wear your versatile basics without being boring.

Fashion Accessorizing Tips

Reason #4- You’ll Save Angst

Frustrated with nothing to wear?  When you start purchasing accessories a whole new world of possibilities will open up with the wardrobe you already own.  When you’re frustrated with your wardrobe, don’t go and buy more clothes, buy accessories.

Reason #5 You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

Feeling good about yourself comes from within and, as counterintuitive as it sounds, that good feeling often comes when you know you look good, or the outer you is aligned with the inner you.   Want to feel better about yourself?  Start working on your outer appearance and how you present yourself to the world.  When you know, confidently, that who you are on the inside is being expressed, and people are getting who you are just by your presence, you’ll have to overcompensate less and things will flow in your life much more smoothly.  I mean, don’t you have enough challenges in your day, how you look shouldn’t be one of them.  Accessorize, dammit!

If you’re looking for fashion accessorizing tips, just keep reading this blog.  Accessorizing is the key to all my fashion advice!