Genie Slim and Tone Leggings Love them or hate them, leggings are not going anywhere anytime soon.  I am one of the people who loves them, so I had to choose Genie’s Slim and Tone Leggings, because if you’re going to wear leggings they may as well do something extra.

I have to admit, I haven’t always been kind to Genie products. Last year, I poked fun at the Genie Bra after seeing an infomercial for it.  I just found something odd about being able to buy a bra in a drugstore that goes on over your head.  Therefore, when the folks at Genie asked if I would be willing to try out their leggings I was surprised they’d even want to talk to me after I turned my nose up at their bra.  I received the leggings and their cami shaper…and then ate my words about Genie products.

Aside from being ridiculously comfortable, Genie Slim and Tone Leggings feature a built in invisible shaper with 5 zones of compression targeting your trouble areas and the invisible high waist shaper helps eliminates extra layers while concealing lumps, bumps, cellulite and bulges. I own pairs in their grey and brown shades and I find the compression not only smooths, but it works the similar to how compression stockings work. I feel I am getting better circulation in my legs. Of course, this is my personal experience, not something that Genie claims the leggings will do.

The five areas of compression that the Genie Slim and Tone Leggings target are 5 zones of comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas (Entire mid-section and love handles, hips, buttocks, inner thighs and outer thighs)

  • Mid-section/Love Handles: High waist, one-piece seamless construction helps slim and flatten your upper abs, lower abs, core and love handles.
  • Hips: Medium control helps slim and control hips
  • Buttocks: Comfortable compression helps reduce the appearance of cellulite giving you a firmer, lifted more shapely buttocks
  • Inner thighs: Inner thighs are compressed to appear thinner and leaner
  • Outer thighs: Smooth’s and tones outer thigh bulge

And, who wouldn’t want these areas smoothed out?

Genie Slim and Tone Leggings

Genie Slim and Tone Leggings retail for $59.97 for three pairs.  For more information, or to purchase or the cami shaper, which I also love, visit

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