Rainy Day Fashion With the warm weather here, you’re looking to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.  However, late spring and early summer bring with it many rainy days and mid-day thunderstorms.  Yet, this is not the time of year you want to be wearing boots or lots of warm protective layers.  Looking for ways to stay dry and stylish?  Check out these Rainy Day Fashion Essentials for the warmer months.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials for Work

A popular brand for inclement weather geared towards professional women is Aquatalia.  All Aquatalia shoes are specially treated with a unique protective process for weatherproofing, helping to prolong the product lifespan and adding value.

rainy day fashion


This is a great solution that will set you back a few hundred dollars.  If you’re not interested in spending that much money on a pair of shoes, another solution are shoe covers, like these by Grace Carter.

rainy day fashion

Grace Carter Shoe Covers  

The brilliance of these shoe covers is that they work for any pair of shoes you may be wearing, the covers can be folded and stored right in your handbag so you’re never caught off guard, and come in a variety of heel heights.  These covers are made with a non-porous membrane that is water-resistant, windproof, and breathable for rain or snow.   You can watch a video about how they work here.

Rainy Day Fashion

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials- The Rain Boot Alternative

Now that the weather is warmer, inclement weather does not mean ruining a flirty pair of capris with a cumbersome rubber boot.  It’s time to add a new essential to your spring wardrobe: waterresistant ballet flats, a perfectly practical solution to the summer shower that won’t leave your legs sweating in the rain or having you carry around an extra pair of shoes to change into once you finally make it to the office.  This first look offers the protection from rainy sidewalk and looks fabulous all day long.

rainy day fashion
While some rain flats are only designed to get you from point A. to point B., they’re much smaller and cooler for the summer vs. a pair of large clunky rain boots.  I recently tried on the orange Hunter rain flats (top left) and, while they were super stylish, I couldn’t see myself walking around in them all day.  For shopping information on all the rain flats featured, click the image above.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials- The Rain Bag

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Your umbrella may cover you from the rain, but, nothing is worse than when you get indoors only to find your handbag soaked because you couldn’t get it covered under your umbrella.  There are a few rain bag solutions out there, from the waterproof work bag to something more casual, like bags by Baggu, that can be folded stored until you need it.  For shopping information on all rain bags featured, click the image above.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials- The Rain Hat

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Stylish Rain Hats 

I never think to buy a rain hat.  I don’t know why, it’s such a smart solution for rainy days.  With such a variety of rain hats out there, from styles that are perfect for work, to more casual ones, a rain hat is added protection when used with an umbrella or a great solution for drizzle or when you don’t have a spare hand to carry your umbrella.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials- The Raincoat

rainy day fashion

Stylish Raincoats  

I wasn’t going to originally feature raincoats as on of the rainy day fashion essentials simply because it seems so obvious.  Yet, I can’t tell you how many of my clients tell me they don’t have one.  In fact, a client of mine recently purchased the pink raincoat featured above from Tahari.  This super bright, playful rain coat was so darn cute that I had to include it in this blog post, along with a few others, from casual to work appropriate.