Shoes of Prey  Shoes of Prey is a website where women can design their own shoes. A suite of divine raw materials, including the softest leathers, snakeskin, fishskin, Italian silk and more in an array of candy-store colours await the most vivid imagination and make for hours of shoe-designing bliss. Possibilities include flats and heel heights from a comfortable 1.5 inch heel to the the truly glamourzonian 4.5 inch heel. The current range offers more than 4 trillion combinations and is constantly updated.

In the 24 months since Shoes of Prey launched, women have designed tens of millions shoes with, spending more than 20 million minutes creating their dream shoes. That’s the equivalent of one person spending more than 40 years (24 hours a day) designing shoes.

How Shoes of Prey Works

With their 3D Designer you choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes; they custom make your design and ship anywhere in the world.  Shoes of Prey also offers special sizing, including shoes in narrow and wide styles as well as shoes starting as small as a 2 1/2 and up to a size 15.   They can even make one shoe bigger than the other.

You start by picking your shape.  You can select from 12 shoe shapes – including ballet flats, stilettos, sandals, oxfords and wedges.

Shoes of Prey


Next, you can play with over 170 fabrics to select the shade and texture you want.

Shoes of Prey

Once your design is completed, Shoes of Prey hand-makes your design and ship it to you in 4-5 weeks.  Prices range from $195 – $350.  Return within 365 days and we’ll remake them free of charge or offer a full refund – including shipping.     To see how the shoes are made, click here to watch the video.

Check out Shoes of Prey to start playing and designing your own shoes.  And, good luck getting anything else done today.