Guys Hate Wedges On Friday, Fox 5 NY called me to do an on-air interview for a story about men’s preferences on women’s shoes.  A survey conducted by determined that guys hate wedges. In fact, they hate them so much that their dislike ranked higher than comfortable yet ugly shoes like Crocs and UGGs.

Suffice it to say, I’m not surprised that Crocs and UGGs topped the list.  After all, even women know they are uglier than ugly.  Women don’t wear them for style they wear them for comfort.  But, really guys, really???  You hate wedges that much?

Yet, what surprised me even more was the fact that 79% of men notice women’s shoes.  Apparently, my husband is part of the 21% who don’t notice or care what I wear.  But, yes, ladies, many men are watching our shoe choices so closely that there is actually a list of women’s shoes that men hate the most.  Here it is:

1. Wedge shoes — 71 percent

2. Uggs — 67 percent

3. Crocs — 63 percent

4. Platforms — 58 percent

5. Flip flops — 55 percent

6. Moccasins — 49 percent

7. Mary Janes — 42 percent

8. Ballet shoes — 37 percent

9. Kitten heels — 34 percent

10. Sneakers — 25 percent

To see my response, click here to watch the video:

men hate wedges

Yes, after you check off all the other shoes on the list, all that remains are stilettos.  But until men actually spend a day walking around in a pair, I really don’t consider their opinion.

Now, who wants to talk about things men wear that we hate?

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