Soak Wash In this Friday’s Fab Find, we are featuring Soak Wash, a fantastic product that can be used to safely clean your most delicate garments.  If you are like me, you actively avoid purchasing clothes that have the dreaded “dry clean only” label.  Honestly, when I see those instructions, I run backwards as fast as I can.  Because if past experience is worth anything, that beautiful silk blouse will undoubtedly stare at me reproachfully for months until I finally summon the courage to face a dry cleaning bill.

Luckily, frugal minded women like me can finally shop for clothes in the finer fabrics and not have to fret over the added expense of dry cleaning.  Soak Wash is a true game changer in the world of delicates.

What is Soak Wash?

Soak is the brainchild of Jacqueline Sava, a Canadian entrepreneur with a passion for design and a genuine respect for the market she services.  Her background in fashion and business led her to create Soak, a non rinsing detergent that can be used at home to safely launder your most delicate garments from intimate apparel to chlorine laden swimsuits to beloved stuffed animals and winter sweaters.

How it Works

Soak Wash Soak is quick and simple to use.  First, place your garment in a basin of cool water, allowing ample room for movement.  Add one squeeze of the bottle, or a full capful if you are squeamish when it comes to eyeballing measurements.  While the company suggests color testing an inconspicuous corner of the garment, you should also not be alarmed if there is still some color bleeding into the water, it is natural and will not affect the  finished appearance.  Allow your garment to rest in the water for fifteen minutes, then remove and gently drain the excess water using your hands or, if you have one handy, a salad spinner.   Finally, reshape if necessary and lay flat to dry.

With five lovely fragrances to choose from, your garment will smell wonderful, look like new and most importantly, be ultra clean! Hmm, think of all the shopping you will be able to do with the money saved in dry cleaning bills.

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