Earthy Luxe by April Martin Summer is probably my favorite time of year to wear jewelry.  Exposed necklines and arms create the ideal backdrop to showcase a striking necklace or delicate bracelet.  And a plain  tank is instantly dressed up with the addition of a sophisticated pendant.  For this Friday’s Fab Find, we are featuring Earthy Luxe, a line of jewelry by California designer, April Martin.  Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous for the season and a stunning example of understated elegance.

April came to the world of jewelry design after a decade-long career in technology.  Like many aspiring artists, her “aha” moment came to her suddenly and when she least expected it.  She was shopping for jewelry when she stumbled upon a poorly made piece and thought she could do better. She began dabbling in jewelry design and soon left her day job to pursue her true passion.  Earthy Luxe by April Martin Designs was born thereafter and today her company has grown to include hundreds of designs, each one lovingly handmade by April herself.

“If it’s not amazing and it doesn’t say something, I won’t create it.”

For April, the design process begins with the highly selective task of choosing materials. Attending local gem shows in her native California, she handpicks stones that serve as inspirations for her designs.  The resulting pieces are reflective of the natural beauty found in the breathtaking landscape of Northern California.  Her studio is located in Aptos, California and 100% of her collection is produced on site.

“It’s really magical to see my designs in action.  I want my jewelry to be worn while living life, having a great time and feeling beautiful.”

April’s passion for design resonates with her fans and they eagerly share their stories of living with her pieces: from Paris to Spain to digging in the garden at home, the Earthy Luxe collection can and should be worn anywhere – rendering it a seamless and timeless addition to any wardrobe.

For more information on purchasing April Martin’s jewelry, visit Earthy Luxe.