Quick Tips Instant Heel CapsClick–clock, click-clock, click-clock                        

Whenever I hear that familiar sound, I am instantly transported back in time: six years-old, groggy with sleep and being rudely awoken yet again by mother’s heels as she rushed to get ready for work.  Like many memories from my youth, what was once a source of irritation, time has rendered somehow endearing.  But the truth is, it really WAS a loud sound.  And if this Fab Friday post had been written about thirty years ago, I might have saved some allowance money for Quick Tips Instant Heel Caps as a Mother’s Day present circa 1983.

What are Quick Tips Instant Heel Caps?

Quick Tips Instant Heel Caps are replacement heel caps used to either replace broken heel caps on your pumps or silence the clickety-clack noise forever. They can extend the life of your pumps or act as temporary fix until you are able to get to the shoemaker.  In fact, they are strong enough that, depending on where and how long you are walking for, you may actually be able to keep them permanently without actually replacing the original heel.

How do Quick Tips Instant Heel Caps work?

Quick Tips Instant Heel CapsHeel caps are simple! They come in three sizes so you are able to choose the perfect fit for your heel – from skinny stilettos to thicker boots.   They are a small and portable fix that fuse instantly onto your old heel with no sticky residue.  Slip a pair into your purse or keep an extra at your office for emergencies.  Much like a band aid for your shoe, heel caps are a necessity for heel lovers.

For more information or to purchase heel caps, visit http://www.gogoheel.com/

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