Normally, I don’t pay attention to other fashion and style blogs.  First, there are too many to keep up with. Second, I prefer to keep my thoughts original and uncluttered, and, third, who the heck has the time to read blogs when you spend most of your day writing your own?!?

However, having been recently turned on to the awesome blogs that I love and respect tremendously You Look Fab by Angie Cox and Sally McGraw’s, after they both kindly linked to my blog, I couldn’t help but notice something sort of funny that I share with the two of them, aside from a love of fashion and style:

Bridgette Raes, Sally McGraw, Angie CoxApparently, style bloggers like short hair.

Needless to say, Sally and Angie, I love your locks.

Photo credit: Top Right- Angie Cox, courtesy of, Bottom Right- Sally McGraw, courtesy of

What are your favorite fashion and style blogs?  What hairstyles are those bloggers rocking?