4-in-1 KangerHanger Pouch Bag As a Capricorn, I think I was born practical.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than a good deal, a time-saving device or a 3-in-1shampoo.  In fact, I derive so much pleasure from little things like cup holders in a stroller, that it’s no wonder I fell hard for this this week’s Fab Find: The 4-in-1 KangerHanger Pouch Bag from the Green Garmento Company.

How does the 4-in-1 KangerHanger Pouch Bag work?

Seriously, this bag is brilliant.  It’s an eco-friendly, reusable bag that may very well become the most intelligent product in your closet. It is a hamper, tote, duffel and garment bag all in one. This ingenius design gained popularity after being unveiled on NBC’s hit reality show, the Shark Tank, and has exploded on the retail scene ever since.  The concept is deceptively simple.  The same bag that is used to store your used dry-cleaning in your closet, transforms into a tote to transport the clothes to the dry cleaners. Finally, the bag is left at the dry cleaners to be used as a garment bag for your newly cleaned items. Plastic bags used to individually wrap your clothes are rendered useless and the waste is all but eliminated.  There is even a handy built in pocket to store those pesky wire hangers until you are able to recycle them.

Who needs the KangerHanger?

My husband works in a corporate, suit only office.  Which translates into a few truths: Our four-year old son occasionally enjoys wearing his three piece tux to school to be fancy like Daddy, my mailbox is overflowing with catalogs from Brooks Brothers and someone (read: me) is inevitably tasked with picking up the weekly dry cleaning order. The last of which is infinitely more enjoyable with the addition of this Friday’s Fab Find: the KangerHanger Pouch Bag from the Green Garmento Company.  At $12.99, this is a no-brainer purchase that even a miserly Capricorn like myself can feel good about.

For more information or to purchase the 4-in-1 KangerHanger Pouch Bag, visit the Green Garmento Company.

Jessica Hendler is a contributing writer and editor for Bridgette Raes Style Expert’s blog and is currently responsible for Friday’s Fab Finds.  Have a Fab Find that you think we should feature, email Jessica at FabFind@bridgetteraes.com.