Saky Sacks When you live in New York City, because we typically walk everywhere, running errands needs to be a carefully thought out process.  For me, I often make my first stop a place that requires me to drop off the heaviest and/or pick up the least and my last errand is the closest to my home and where I need to pick up and carry the heaviest items.  Another strategy of mine is to never use a purse and to instead carry a reusable shopping bag.  As I go about my errands, I use that bag to carry all the things I’ve picked up along the way.  Therefore, I have chosen Saky Sacks for Friday’s Fab Find.

What are Saky Sacks?

Saky Sacks are squishable, scrunchable, squashable, ultra-compact and portable totes that you can take to places like the market, the beach, shopping, the gym, travel, kid stuff or anything life throws at you.   Made from Dupont Tyvek these bags are machine washable, tear, stain and water resistant, have interior clasp or pockets and can carry up to 25 lbs.

Plus, they’re super cute.



Saky Sacks are Recyclable

HDPE symbol After your bag has reached its full use, it is recyclable.  Tyvek fabric can be recycled by bringing bags to your grocery store recycling bins that accept bags with this symbol.  If your local grocery store does not have these facilities you can click here about other ways to recyle your Saky Sacks.

Once recycled, Saky Sacks will be repurposed for other useful materials that provide sound alternatives to the use of wood such as decking, park benches, playground equipment as well as products such as corrugated pipes.

Saky Sacks to-go

Saky SacksI also like portable aspect of Saky Sacks.  Invariably, we’ve all had those times when we wished we had an additional bag on hand.  Having a Saky Sack folded and tucked away for use can be your secret weapon while on vacation, out with the kids, or when you find yourself with just too much to carry and not enough hands.

For more information and to purchase a recyclable Saky Sack for yourself visit