bootights article imageMy kids are back in school, I ordered a hot latte instead of iced and I purchased my first sweater of the season.  Granted, it was a lightweight cotton and not heavy wool, but nonetheless, the signs are irrefutable: Autumn has arrived. And so it is time to purge our closets of espadrilles and dust off boots that have been hibernating all summer.  To help ease with the transition, I am featuring Bootights this week, the Fall-friendly Fab Find that will get you excited for the cooler weather and might even motivate you to face your own closet wars.  I said might.

What are Bootights?

Spotlighted in dozens of magazines, coveted by celebrities and featured on the O show as a “must have” accessory, Bootights are basking in entrepreneurial bliss since their modest origins in 2009. Founder Shelby Mason’s classic story involves the prototypical “aha” moment mixed with a healthy dose of embarrassment.  She was a seasoned traveler for her job in sales when she found herself involved in carefree banter with a handsome fellow traveler on the airport security line.  The light banter came to an abrupt halt when she removed her boots and revealed the makeshift system she had hidden in her boots: unattractive, ill-fitting athletic socks layered over tights.  By the time the plane landed, the idea for Bootights was born and she spent the next several years transforming a really great idea into a viable business.

The concept for Bootights is deceptively simple.  How many times have you created your own homemade version involving gym socks and thinking, someone should really come up with a better solution.  A hybrid of tights and ankle socks, Bootights offer the dual advantage of addressing two specific needs.  You can have your tights and wear them too!  The tights all have a built in control top and are offered in an assortment of colors and patterns.  The sock bottom is designed with moisture wicking fibers and additional cushioning to reduce those annoying snags and runs that are ubiquitous to tights and pantyhose.  And, if you are in the market for knee-highs, the company offers their version of Bootights in a knee-high version called Darbys.

How to Wear Them

Bootights would look adorable with casual dresses and skirts and Darbys offer limitless outfit ideas.  From wool shorts to jeggings, Darby’s are versatile enough to be worn with any boot ensemble. I’m suddenly starting to smell the apple cider and pumpkin pie..

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Jessica Hendler is a contributing writer and editor for Bridgette Raes Style Expert’s blog and is currently responsible for Friday’s Fab Finds.  Have a Fab Find that you think we should feature, email Jessica