Inside Out Style Blog This week, I was happy to be featured in Imogen Lamport’s, Inside Out Style Blog for her Stylish Thoughts series.  You can read my interview here.  I like Imogen’s blog a lot.  I don’t have time to read many other fashion blogs and typically just stay in my own lane and do my thing.  However, having familiarized myself with her writing, expertise and commitment to delivering good content to her readers, I have great respect for Imogen and what she communicates.  She is among the very few fashion bloggers who dispenses fashion advice and who is actually a seasoned fashion professional.  Sadly, bloggers like us are more the exception than the rule.  These days, anyone with a camera phone and access to the internet can call themselves a stylist, a fashion expert blogger or a professional.  Amazing that this is all it takes.  I thought you actually needed to know what you were doing.

This not to say that some unseasoned fashion people don’t bring something interesting to the table but, for every one that does, it seems there are dozens who don’t.  Case in point: I don’t know if you caught this hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel’s segment last week called Lie Witness News where a crew from the show interviewed a bunch of so-called fashionistas and “fashion professionals” during Fashion Week to give their opinions about designers who don’t exist.  Even though it was impossible for these fashion experts to have heard about these designers, because they are fake, they gave their opinions anyway.

No, seriously, watch the video:

Lie Witness News Fashion Week 2013

I think my favorite part, aside from watching that Eddie Munster kid’s eyes go into panic mode while trying to keep cool as he lied through his teeth, was when the kid with the yellow hair said, “It’s called fashion, look it up.”  Hmm, before he gives this advice maybe he should do some of his own research.

The fashion blogging world is so weird.  There is a great video called Take My Picture that explains the phenomenon so succinctly.  I highly recommend viewing it.

It all just confuses me.

What do you think?