I am really excited about this week’s Fab Find, PortaPocket.   Seriously, if there was an emoji out there to express the level of excitement I feel, it would probably include the following universal symbols of happiness: smiley face, thumbs up, balloons and some sort of clock to represent the “its about time.” But, alas, I have yet to find an emoji that accurately depicts my exact emotions, so I am left to express my feelings in words: Yahoooooooo!!! A portable pocket that can be worn anywhere, anytime and doesn’t add bulk to your outfit? LOVE.

Fab Find - PortaPocket ImageWhat is PortaPocket?

If you have been reading my fab finds, you know that I’m drawn to practical yet ingenius products that beg the question, Why didn’t I think of that?  PortaPocket is no exception.  It is a streamlined pocket that attaches to either your body or a belt and holds just the most essential items that you need to have.  While men may stash their wallet, keys and phone in their pockets, women often don’t have that luxury in their lycra exercise wear.

When should you wear it?

There are so many occassions when you need a few things but don’t want to be burdened by carrying a purse.  Hiking, biking, running, tennis, gym, dancing, and the list goes on. I WISH I had a PortaPocket when I went for a short run along the river the other day. I was looking for a place, any place, on my body to stash $5 for an after run bottle of water.  My sports bra was one option, my sock was another.  Neither seemed very appealing so I ended up folding the bill into a small square and putting the money in my shoe.  When my run was over, and it was time to retrieve my money, it was gone. Disappeared forever.  That was when I started daydreaming about a streamlined and much smaller money belt that could be worn casually yet still comfortable for exercise.  I stumbled on this  site and I was sold.  My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner.

For more information or to purchase this product, visit PortaPocket

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