Spacepak A few years ago I used to travel a lot, like over 20 flights in one month, a lot.  Needless to say, I became an excellent packer.   It’s been a while since I’ve had such a demanding travel schedule, however, Spacepak, today’s Fab Find makes me want to hit the skies again, as the ingenious design of these travel bags, that allow you to pack two weeks of clothing into one suitcase, just speaks to my Capriconian, control-freak sensibility.  Seriously, I thought I had packing down to a science.

  Spacepak is good packing made easy

Flight 001’s Spacepak is a system of bags that will keep your travels organized and clean wherever you go. Voted Travel + Leisure Magazine’s Product of the Year! NEW for 2013: SPACEPAK SUITCASE! One piece of carry-on luggage that holds 3 packing bags to organize and compress up to 2 weeks of your belongings. Includes Suiter Bag that holds 1 men’s suit or 6 dresses, pair of shoe bags, Underwear Bag that holds 13 pairs of underwear and 13 socks, and Clothes Bag that holds 13 shirts and 4 pants.

With Spacepak you can go from this, to this:

SpacepakThere is a variety of Spacepaks you can buy for your particular needs, like a Spacepak Clothes, that can compress two weeks of pants and shirts to a 1/3 of the size, Spacepak Underwear and Spacepak Lingerie, which keeps pairs together and unmentionables out of sight at security checkpoints in one tidy valise, with dual front-and-back zippered compartments to keep clean undies away from dirty laundry, Spacepak Toiletry, Spacepak Shoe, and even a TSA approved clear carry-on.  You can also purchase Spacepak sets based on your needs.

 Spacepak benefits

In addition to outrageous organization and compression (which means the ability to pack more and carry less), there are other benefits to the Spacepak system.  Packing this way, clothes stay clean with the dual compartment clothes bag that expands and contracts as you go, each internal compartment is labeled so you can easily find anything quick and easy no matter what it is, plus the contents of your bag are guaranteed not to shift around while in transit, which means no wrinkling or ironing.

If you’re hitting the friendly skies anytime soon, definitely give Flight 001’s Spacepak a look-see.