Keysocks They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this certainly seems to be the case with today’s Fab Find: Keysocks— the ultimate solutions for keeping your feet comfortable without showing you are wearing socks.

Dreamed up in 2009 by founder Shelby McKee, Keysocks came to be while getting ready to attend a Cincinnati Bengals football game on a chilly Sunday afternoon.  Wanting to wear flats and with the temperature falling, she realized she needed “no show” socks. Traditional footies always fell off her feet or scrunched up and never provided warmth, so she cut a hole in her husband’s knee-high dress sock and the Keysock was born!

Keysocks can be worn a variety of ways.  For the working woman looking for comfort and warmth, they work well with pumps and heels but can also we worn casually with ballerina flats and even sneakers.  Basically any situation where you want to wear a sock without showing that you are wearing a pair Keysocks work.  While I’m not entirely sold on the warmth aspect of Keysocks, seeing that there is a gigantic hole right where the foot is most exposed, I can see the benefits of wearing Keysocks in situations where you want comfort while wearing pumps and ballerina flats.  Many women dislike the sensation of sticking bare feet directly into shoes like this but, definitely in the case of ballerina flats, don’t care for the look of exposed knee-highs.  In addition, as with Shelby McKee’s experience, many women find that those footie ped-like socks don’t stay put when worn and usually wind up scrunched around the toes.  For this reason I can definitely see the benefit of wearing Keysocks instead.

Keysocks are similar to the thickness of tights and Keysocks Light are similar in thickness of trouser socks, and both styles are made of 80% Polyester, 18% nylon, and 2% Lycra with CoolMax + Ultra Fresh.  Because shoe openings vary, it is recommended that you put on a pair and then adjust according to how the shoe opening is shaped.   Keysocks also come in wide-calf widths.

KeysocksThe only perplexing thing about Keysocks is the fact that the back of the foot and ankle are covered by a sock.  While I think its cool that Keysocks expose the skin of the instep of the foot, I do wonder if, the way Keysocks are designed, if it looks weird that the heels are covered and couldn’t help but wonder if a stirrup-like style that exposes the back of the foot and ankle would make more sense.  However, this quandary side, Keysocks is an ingenious idea that is definitely worth noting.  My hat’s is off to Shelby McKee for her outside the box, or should I say outside the sock, thinking.

For more information, check out Keysocks here.