While on my ten block stroll to the grocery store yesterday I saw what looked like boxing gloves attached to a stroller.   Not being a mom, I’m not really up on all the different gadgets, devices and solutions to make mommy-ing easier so I had to rush home and do a search.  Googling “stroller gloves” I found out these nifty hand warmers for strollers are called WarMMuffs by 7 A.M. Enfant, a New York based company that offers a wide selection of versatile, urban and stylish baby accessories combining good design, fashion and versatility.  Today, I am featuring WarMMuffs as my Fab Find.

Why WarMMuffs are Cool

There are a few things that make WarMMuffs cool.  First, because of the hook and loop closures, hand warmers are always attached to the stroller making it impossible to lose them, unlike a pair of gloves.  Second, moms need to be quick responders and WarMMuffs gives  the flexibility of instant bare fingers when necessary, like for grabbing small objects, baby handling and quick moments when you need free hands.  You just pull your hands out of the WarMMuffs, do what you need to do, and then stick them right back in.  No time is wasted fumbling with gloves which is great because lord knows moms don’t have much extra time to spare.

Who needs a pair of WarMMuffs?

I think every cargiver and stroller pusher should have a pair of WarMMuffs attached to a stroller, I mean, it’s such a “duh, obvious” solution.  However, they would be particularly of good use for people who live in cold-weather metropolitan areas and need to walk everywhere.  For the price tag of around $45 for a pair (around the same price of a good quality pair of gloves) investing in a pair of WarMMuffs, even if you live a more suburban lifestyle, can be smart for outdoor activities, like attending sports games, parades, taking a baby for an afternoon stroll, errands, and more. Plus, WarMMuffs, unlike a pair of gloves, can be utilized by whoever gets the task of pushing the stroller.  They just pop their hands in for instant warmth.

For more information on WarMMuffs, and to check out the several different styles, you can find out more by visiting the 7AMEnfant.com.