There is so much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving, and, with all the eating involved, certainly we can be grateful for the fashionable items to help us further enjoy the holiday. Here are some fashionable items to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

That you never got rid of your maternity pants

Maternity pants on Make A Gif

If you’ve got them in storage now would be a great time to break them out.

Fat Pants

Fat Pants on Make A Gif

Admit it, you know you keep them around for occasions just like this.

Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

Believe it or not, this is a real thing.  Shreddies is flatulence-filtering underwear that actually blocks the smells of a fart.  That’s right, let ‘er rip.


After you take spanx off on Make A Gif

We rely on Spanx and other shapewear contraptions to look svelte and stylish, despite the fact that we usually feel like this the second we take them off.

Fashionable Weight Loss Bracelets

If you believe that a bangle bracelet can help you tone your arms then I have a bridge to sell you.  However, SkinnyMeBangles is banking on the fact that most still believe that weight loss gimmicks work.  Pass those peas while working your tri’s and bi’s…and, hey, did you know that the word naive doesn’t exist in the dictionary?

Headphone earrings

What an interesting invention, headphone earrings.  They’re headphones that look like earrings, created by a Korean company called EarMecca.  Perfect for when a family argument breaks out or you would rather listen to the football game than Aunt Gertrude go on about her boil or the cost of bread in 1934.

Fat Pants