Someone once asked me, what do two items in your home do you think are the dirtiest? A housekeeper once told me she recommends people give their phones and doorknobs a serious wipe down at least once a day. Its something people are touching constantly and never think to clean. In my 20’s I noticed acne along my jawline, I asked my dermatologist for some heavy duty acne cream for adults and was simply told “clean your phone”.

But that was in the time of old fashion handsets, now we have cell phones that are with us constantly. We touch everything then we touch our phones. As I type this I’m hacking from a lingering cold.  Dump hand sanitizer on everything then I fish my filthy phone out of my purse?

Now we have Wireless Wipes.  Wireless Wipes are the only known fast drying, non streaking and non corrosive sanitizer designed specifically to clean mobile phones, PDA’s, and laptop computer screens.  They come in green tea cucumber, rosemary peppermint and pomegranate citrus each of which smell amazing.  And at 2.95 per pouch are easily affordable. Definitely cheaper than a flu shot.

Visit for more information and to purchase.

Wireless Wipes Congrats to the Footzyfolds winner! 

Congrats to Wendy Dackson, winner of last week’s Friday Fab Find Giveaway, Footzyfolds!