Even though I got lambasted by many over my “Tights Are Not Pants, Ya Hear” post last month, I’ve seen some pretty funny images since posting that blog and had to share them with you.  If you need any more proof that a pair of nylons are NOT a pair of pants, and that leggings are definitely a no-no when the butt is exposed, see the following images for better understanding….and put some pants on while you’re at it.

In addition, if you are looking for ways to delicately explain to your no-pants-wearing friend that they are walking around without bottoms on, check out some solutions for letting them know.

Tights are Not PantsOh yes, thanks for not only showing off your butt for all to see, but for making it look like the rear end of a car.   We get it, you have junk in the trunk.  Hardy, har, har…now cover up.

tights are not pants Dear Paris Hilton, If I wanted to see your ass I would have watched your sex tape.  Put some pants on, k?

Tights are not pants I applaud this woman’s use of tonal dressing (dressing in all one color, which usually makes someone appear taller and leaner), however, the success of dressing this way only works when you are actually wearing bottoms.  Cover that up, would ya please?

Tights are not pantsI’m assuming today was this woman’s laundry day.  This must explain why she has no bottoms on along with printed underwear that draws even more attention to her butt.  Should we all be grateful she is at least wearing underwear?  Is this what the world has come to, being grateful for this?

tights are not pants I’ve seen this one circulating around the web for some time now, but had to include it in case you missed it.  Let’s all agree, skin colored leggings should never be worn by anyone, even if their own skin doesn’t match the skin tone of the leggings.

tights are not pants “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.”  – Cyn, Working Girl.  Walking around in spandex leggings doesn’t make you a rock star, either.  Never will.

Tights are Not Pants Well, actually, no, Olivia Wilde, your UGGy elephant feet  will not distract us from the fact that you need to cover up your butt.

tights are not pants I love this message, yet find it confusing.  If you are walking around telling everyone that tights are not pants with a message on the butt of your leggings or tights, then doesn’t that defeat the purpose…of…the…oh forget it, never mind.

How to let the world know that tights are not pants

It seems the tights are not pants argument has become one of the biggest debates this year, so it is my guess that all of you have met an offender or two who have been walking around without pants on.  If you’re wondering how to let them know, well of course you can share the “Am I wearing pants?” flowchart or you can try a few of these solutions:

Give your pants-less outfit wearing friends these

tights are not pantsDYING!!!!!

Build Community Awareness

tights are not pants And with all the other more important causes in the world that should be focused on, be sure to shame your pants-less friend by explaining to them that if they understood that tights are not pants your time could have been used doing things that are actually important,  like helping out at a soup kitchen or collecting winter coats for those in need, as opposed papering the town with oh-so-obvious flyers.

Get them that yoga studio membership they’ve clearly been pining for

tights are not pants Because there has to be a logical reason your friend walks around without pants on.  Maybe she has been using her fashion choices to hint that all she wants for Christmas is a membership to her local studio.  After all, isn’t this the only place that dressing this way is acceptable?  Your friend must know this, right?  Right???

Take your friend to an art museum

tights are not pants Because even our ancestors knew to cover that sh*t up.

Explain that even Lady Gaga looks ridiculous wearing tights as pants

tights are not pants If Lady Gaga can pull off wearing a meat dress and get away with it, yet still look ridiculous wearing tights as pants, there is no way your pantsless friend will ever look good.  She needs to understand this.

Just laugh at them

tights are not pants Because they deserve it.