I love winter! I do. The freezing cold rain, long nights, coats, umbrellas. The one thing I hate about winter? Winter skin. My skin plus indoor heat means my skin gets so dry I scratch til I bleed. Then  discovered Beekman 1802 Seasonal soaps, now I scratch no more!

If the name Beekman sounds familair owners Josh Kilmer Purcell and husband Dr. Brent Ride won the 21 Season of CBS’s The Amazing Race and even had their own reality show “The Fabulous Beekman Boys for two season on Planet Green (reruns air on the Cooking Chanel). You can read all about their journey  becoming goat farmers in Josh’s hilarious memoir “The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers” and the odd truth that this entire endeavor was largely a result of the fact neither of them can read a map.

Beekman soap

But truly their soap is AMAZING. Originally it was created as a Christmas gift for Martha Stewart (I’m not joking) is handmade,  only natural essential oils for fragrance (or you can request the unscented kind its Martha’s favorite). super moisturizing (hence saying goodbye to dry itchy winter skin) so pure it makes a great facial cleanser eliminating the need for two bars of soap in the shower. Frankly I recommend buying several bars especially this time of the year. They are inexpensive and so luxurious when someone stops by with a gift for you that you did buy one for (name a year when that doesn’t happen) you can pop some Beekman  soap into a gift bag and they will be stunned how thoughtful you are!”

Visit Beekman 1802 at Beekman1802.com.