Tweezerman Tweezers I ran into actress Jennifer Esposito at a party several years ago. I chatted with her about the show she was currently starring on Samantha Who? (2 Seasons ABC 2007-2009) and how she playfully made fun of herself when her character Andrea Belladonna spoke of her anxiety about regarding a date.

Andrea: OMG! Tony Dane my famous basketball star boyfriend just invited me out! I only have one day to pluck, wax, buff, trim, moisturize and wax!

Samantha (Christina Applegate): You said ‘wax’ twice.

Andrea : I’m Italian.

I understood. My Latino and German heritage means I’m a hairy hairy girl. Once puberty hit, my eyebrows grew together. Fortunately it was roughly the time Brooke Sheilds became a hit in her Calvin Kleins Jeans and thick brows were in, but unibrows are NEVER in (not even for guys….ever). It was time to pluck, pluck, pluck.

I’d heard of Tweezerman products but dismissed them. Their price points seemed ridiculous, as they start at $15.00 and no joke go up as high $100 with their Luxe Edition Swarovski Crystal Bejeweled tools.  As a poor writer living in New York, I do almost all of my shopping at 99 cent stores (really) so paying a whopping $15.00 for a pair of Tweezers just seemed so silly. So I began asking around.

One woman told me after using Tweezerman tweezers using regular drugstore tweezers to pluck her stray hairs was like using chopsticks! I couldn’t believe the raves they were getting but after trying them I understand. The level of precision is remarkable. They have a pair of tweezers SPECIFICALLY for ingrown hairs! Their website a is a treasure trove of tutorials and information. They have a line of tools designed by Isaac Mizrahi!  They are regular tweezers that come in Candy Button or Paint Splatter designs so you can add some color to your makeup bag.

Tweezerman tweezers will pluck your finest, tiniest hairs but what truly makes Tweezerman a fab find is that they may be the last pair of tweezers you’ll ever buy.  Tweezerman offers lifetime guarantees.

This is directly from Tweezerman’s website.

“We sharpen our Tweezers, Nippers and Scissors which have become dull through normal use FREE for as long as the implement can be resharpened. No processing fees. No Shipping & Handling fees on return.

If the Tweezers, Nippers or Scissors becomes damaged and cannot be sharpened, we will send you a coupon to purchase a new implement at half its current suggested price, redeemable on If nipper springs break, we replace them at no charge.”

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