Necessity is the mother of invention. Karen Bowersox, like so many grandmothers, wanted to dress her granddaughter Maggie who has Down Syndrome, but typical clothes simply didn’t fit her.  Karen was stuck clipping, and hemming. She went online, assuming that someone had  creating a line of clothing specifically to meet the needs of people with Down Syndrome. Realizing there was a critical need she started Downs Designs.

Downs Designs

Founder, Karen Bowersox and her granddaughter, Maggie.

People with Down Syndrome tend to have shorter arms, legs and their stomachs tend to protrude. With that in mind Karen hired a young design graduate to create jeans and tops that addressed with issue. Knowing how critical fit is to comfort, the website has a step by step instructions on how to measure hips, inseams and the waist.

And that’s what really sets Downs Designs apart: its exceptional customer service. If you can’t make sense of how to measure simply call with your questions and the staff will walk you through the process step by step.

Additionally it offers a truly unique “Try On” service for jeans I’ve never even seen before! When you choose a style of jean, you are sent two pairs of  unhemmed jeans to try on. Choose the style that fits best and then mark the hem.

Customer response has been amazing. People love the clothes they have purchased for themselves or family members.

Downs Designs uses a very old fashioned way of doing business. They provide  goods of exceptional quality, extraordinary customer service and realizing the good word of mouth is the best advertisement. And the fact that they are filling a true need, saving  people money  by eliminating costly alterations and providing well fitting stylish, durable clothes makes them the best fab find I’ve found in a while!

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