I feel like the warranty on my body expired when I turned 40 last month.  There is nothing wrong with me, I am just noticing little things happening that remind me that I’m not 20 anymore.  Not that I would ever beg to be 20 again.  Okay, maybe I’ll take a 20 year old body with 40 year old wisdom.

stylish reading glasses I’ve been wearing glasses for distance since I was 9 or 10 and my 8th grade graduation gift was contact lenses.  I’ve been wearing them ever since.  Well, hello 40, I now need reading glasses, too.  So I have two options, wear contact lenses and reading glasses or wear progressive eyeglasses.   I do both.   Because of eye dryness, which is likely to be caused by ocular Rosacea (um, thanks again freaking 40), I can’t wear my lenses as often as I would like.  When I have to wear a pair of glasses I grab one of my funky pairs, like these, which, by the way, my husband can’t stand.  he says I look like Elton John.  I don’t necessarily disagree with him, they are sort of odd, yet, for statement-making days these, or my green wayfarers, do it for me.

So if I have to now wear reading glasses you better believe I am also going to make them go with what I am wearing and have plenty of pairs for my mood and style.  If you think I am going head first into this aging thing  with an Aqua Net bouffant  and my boobs tucked into my elastic waist pants you’re fooling yourself.  I went on the hunt for some stylish reading glasses and found Readers.com.  I quite like the site.

Here’s what I bought:

stylish reading glasses The Sophie

Being a color person, especially by way of my accessories, I scooped up just about every color these readers came in.  For days where my outfit is all neutral I can pop any of these colors on to give me some brightness.

stylish reading glasses

The Cabin

Next, for a neutral pair, I went with these.  They look like wood and turn up slightly at the ends which adds this, “hmm, are these weird or cool?” look to them that I like in my glasses.  At first I didn’t think I’d like them but they are quickly becoming my go-to readers.

So, yea, stylish reading glasses for me, please.

As you have embraced 40+ has your style changed?  To remain age-appropriately stylish what have some of your secrets been?  Inquiring minds want to know.