We’ve all had that moment at a sale. You tell yourself ‘well I don’t really have any REASON by buy 4 inch sparkly blue pumps, when would I wear them?’ But they were so pretty! and 80% percent off! They made my legs look amazing so I bought them.

Did I mention I had no place to wear them? They didn’t go with anything I owned. They pinched my toes and the heels were so high they hurt even when I was sitting down! Complete waste of money.

If only Swapdom had existed then! Swapdom is a website where you trade items you no longer need or want (or in my case, could never use in the first place!) for things you can use and or want. Sounds simple? Well it is! You upload photos of items you want to swap, make a list of items you would like, then sit back and let Swapdom do its magic. An algorithm goes to work creating multi person swaps, so everyone can get what they want.

err… I’ll let their website explain “We use a special algorithm to make swapping ultra easy and effective by organizing multi-person swaps.

In traditional swaps, A might want something C has, but C is not interested in A’s items; they want something B has, so no swap is made. Swapdom connects A to B to C (and to D, E, F, G … if needed) and loops it back to A, so that everyone gets what they want. All you have to do is tell us what you’d offer for your requested item and box up your item when we find a swap. Couldn’t get any easier, really!”

And now here’s where it just sounds too good to be true. You only pay for shipping. That’s right. Swapdom’s small fee is built into the shipping, and its never more than $2.

How can it get any better? LIke this. They’ve just started swapping kids stuff. You know those kids who grow out of their clothes during the ride home from the mall. You might actually be able to find a coat that fits, and in two weeks when they outgrow that, swap it for a new one!


Really I can’t find a single downside to doing this. You get items you want, other people get items they want, less waste, update your wardrobe without spending much money. This website is truly a win win!

Now I need to go dig through my closet, there are these gorgeous pair of blue pumps so I need to find something to swap.  I’m sure I’ll find someplace to wear them…

Visit Swapdom.com to for more information and to start swapping.