For this weeks Fab Find I turn to mother nature or more accurately the way She has been making the East Coast her bitch for the past few weeks for inspiration. I don’t know about you, but it has been SO FREAKING COLD here in New York, I’ve  been wearing one pair of shoes outside and they are my fur lined, warm, uber practical snow boots. Man are they ugly. Also they are not acceptable footwear for my office. I’ve written about Footyfolds (and I have a pair which I adore!) and how delightfully they tuck into your purse, sadly there are times only a uber stylish sexy pump, or those cuban heels that are the PERFECT shade of red will do.

Yup that means every day I’ve been picking out the shoes to match my outfit, wrapping them in an old Fairway Market bag and shoving into my already overstuffed purse which thanks to this bitter endless cold, is already overflowing with mittens, ear muffs, throat lozenges and tissues.

Then came a solution so painfully obvious it never would have occurred to me in a million years. Shoe Along, a bag designed to be carried outside your purse. My first thought was “Why do I need this?” But the more I learned about it, I realized “Oh yes I need this”.

First its not IN your purse, its designed to fit along your purse by hooking onto your strap, that means no heel punching through the plastic bag, and spearing a New York Public Library book which you then have to PAY for in order to keep your borrowing privileges!

But I digress. The durable soft stretchy bag is made of nylon lined, neoprene fabric, water resistant and can be wiped clean. No more  hidden snow slush destroying that  absolutely perfect shade of pink/peach blusher you paid a whooping $23 dollars for and are now watching dissolved into a rose colored smear at the bottom of your purse.  Priced at an easily affordable 15.95, it comes in black, chocolate brown and zebra stripes.  Save your plastic bags for cleaning up after your pup.

See how Shoe Along works by watching this video.  Just turn the volume down so you don’t have to listen to the cheesy custom theme music.

Visit for more information and to carry your shoes along in style.