There are so many cool things about writing this blog.  Not only is it an outlet for creativity and a chance to share my advice with a bigger audience than just my client base, this blog has also connected me to many wonderful readers all over the world.  I guess this is my own little corner of the universe that I use to help others.

From time to time I do get emails and comments from readers, asking me questions, giving me ideas to write about or just telling me they appreciate what I do.  However, nothing prepared me for the email I got last week from a reader:

 I found your site about a month ago and it has literally changed my life.  I
have always been interested in fashion, but realized after studying your
suggestions carefully that among other bad choices, I was focused on getting
pieces instead of outfits.  Modifying this focus has completely changed that way
I look at fashion; I feel a surge of self-confidence that’s sort of crazy…. And
it’s all due to you!
As such, I’d like to send you a check…. I’d love it if you would purchase
something for yourself, but at the very least, if there’s something weird about
me paying for services that you are offering for free, it would make me happy if
you would donate it to the charity of your choice.
Please let me know where I can send it…. And thanks again for all of your

What can I say?  I was moved, stunned, grateful and totally flabbergasted by this offer of payment for something that I basically offer for free.  I was being acknowledged for something I have given without the expectation of ever being thanked by anyone in return.  Truth?  I’m just grateful people actually read my blog.

That said, I didn’t take this reader’s check and use it to buy something nice, as she suggested.  It just didn’t feel like it was my money to take.  Instead, I used it to make a charitable donation to Dress for Success.  Given how this money came to me, this organization seemed like the perfect fit.

As you are probably familiar, Dress for Success is an organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.  Since being founded in 1997, the organization has assisted more than 700,000 women around the world.

I was grateful to get this acknowledgement but even more grateful that I could take it and pay it forward to an organization that can help other women.

To all of you who read this blog regularly, who have emailed me, commented on this blog and have let me know that I have helped them, thank you for coming around here and being part of my little corner of the universe.