I know I’m meant for a different time, but I love personal mail. Of course its all but extinct these days. I do my best to keep it going by sending birthday cards, postcards, even (gasp!) personal letters. Who doesn’t love getting some personal mail?  Amid the requests for money for starving Republicans and a threat from the people who hold your student loan to break your thumbs, seeing a package always excites me. What is it? What is it?

I also love socks! As a teen I tried to get the wacky socks and pumps look to catch on. It didn’t. I was so sad when they stopped making neon socks. Such  a fun pop of color.

Now I have something to combine my two great loves, mail and socks. Sock Panda is fun subscription service where each month presto, you get a new pair of high quality socks in the mail. You can choose from cool (think subtle, classic, elegant socks) or bold (think funky, bright colors, wacky patterns). The socks come from all over the globe, are highly unique and  guaranteed to make you the hit of the party at your next social event(okay that last thing is not quite guaranteed, but it could happen!) For a mere $11 (that includes shipping) you get a new surprise pair of socks every month. And if you hate em? Send them back and another pair. will be on its way.

And socks are like underwear. You can never have too many pairs.

Visit Sock Panda for more info and to start receiving some fun socks!

Win a Pair of Socks from Sock Panda

Sock Panda is giving a pair of socks away to one lucky winner!  Simply write in the comments below why you need a pair and like their Facebook page. A winner will be selected randomly and announced in next week’s Fab Find.