In a continuation of the theme “Cameron loves getting things in the mail!” this week we are featuring Birchbox!

I love trying new products but let’s face it can be dicey at times. That white pink metallic lipstick that looked so awesome on Heidi Klum made me look like I had some sort of mouth disease. Then there was my quest for the perfect  sultry smokey eye. I completed my quest but realized there was NO WAY I was going to set aside 20 minutes every day just to do my eye makeup, so I  shoved $30 worth of makeup into the back of a drawer, waited 6 months then tossed it out.

Also there are some things you simply have to try before you buy it. Recently I heard about new limited edition perfume from RuPaul called Glamazon. But at the Ricky’s in the West Village there was no tester! I can’t buy perfume without smelling it! What if I hate it?  What if it reacts weirdly with my body chemistry? No joke as a teen I was given Paris by YSL and after an hour I smelled, well the bizarre aroma can only be described as “rancid baby powder”.

Now we have an easy, fun and inexpensive way to test out a new set of products every month delivered right to your door for a mere $10! Birchboxes contain 4 to 5  random products, (skincare, haircare fragrance, cosmetics) generously sized so you can try them out several times and decide if you like them. It also comes with detailed instructions and tips for using the products so you can get the best out of them. In the Shop section of Birchbox’s website, visit the product page for your sample and read the ‘How It Works’ and ‘How to Use’ sections. You’ll also see links to relevant videos and articles. Some products are well known, some are up and coming. When you first create an account you fill out a short questionnaire beauty/grooming preferences the company uses to match to your individual needs such as your style and skin type with the samples they send you.

And if you LOVE one the products and must have it in a full size now? Head to and purchase it. Then it gets even more fun. You earn a point for every dollar spent and 100 points translates to $10 to spend on more full-size products. You’ll even get points for reviewing your sample products.

The boxes are only $10 a month with no extra fees. Are there any drawbacks? Well I feel I should warn you there is one. If you have very sensitive skin or allergies (or both) you can’t specify you don’t want products containing those ingredients that give you a reaction. You’ll need to read the packages very carefully..

And Birch Box is so great they’ve agreed to give a away box to one of our lucky readers! Just leave a comment and say why you need a Birchbox and like their Facebook Page!