I absolutely LOVE writing for Bridgette Raes’ Blog.  I love introducing people to fab products, discovering fun services, promoting small businesses, rewarding ingenuity and creativity. Its been really great.

The only difficult part? Finding the products and services. Its harder than you’d think. Sometimes a service isn’t really that fab. Sometimes the product makes me question the mental health of the inventor. I’m always grateful for tips. So when shoe expert Meghan Cleary sent Bridgette an email saying “You have to check out Go Go Golosh” we both sat up and listened.

And she was right! I am so grateful to have my own pair of Go Go Goloshes, a fashionable answer to foul weather. Yes I love my Shoe Along but I also love having alternatives, especially since winter has turned Manhattan into one enormous slush puddle. I remember wearing heels and pulling plastic grocery bags over them as spring monsoons moved in last year. This did keep my shoes dry, but they were hideous and more importantly dangerous. Slipping and falling is inevitable.

Go Go Goloshes are not traditional galoshes they are waterproof covers for your dress shoes. (they are not intended for athletic shoes or any other shoe with traction soles). You pull them over your shoes, zip them up and walk normally.  I slipped them on over a pair of pumps and braved slush puddles. The coverups did feel like they were going to slide off all the time, BUT they never did. The patterned sole even provides traction. They weren’t super warm but they are really more for rain than snow slush. All and all, a big thumbs up!

And Gogo Golosh is offering a great deal just for Bridgette’s readers!  You can use the discount code FABFIND for a 20% off at checkout.  Get some some waterproof coverups just in time for spring downpours and brave those puddles with style.

Visit Go Go Golosh to shop and learn more!