I was thrilled to join my friends Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley as a guest on their podcast series My Crazy Office.   The Dynamic Duo are best selling authors of three books about workplace behaviors: “Working with You Is Killing Me“, “Mean Girls at Work“, “Working for You Isn’t Working for Me“.  All three books I highly recommend.

Kathi and Katherine asked me to join them on their show to discuss appearance in the work place and to answer two questions asked by listeners on this topic.  The first question came from an older woman who is being pressured by her boss to dye her hair and get Botox in order to achieve a more “professional” look. The second question deals with an individual who is young and being asked to dress in a more formal and grown up way.

To listen to this quick 20 minute podcast that is filled with tons of practical information, along with a lot of humor, click here.

Thanks, Kathi and Katherine, it was so much fun to be a part of this podcast!