Well it had been firmly established that I adore the US Postal service. I used to bake cookies for Fernando my Upper West Side mailman every Christmas, well until he told me about his diabetes now I just give him a gift card.

Accessories have never been my strong suit. Seriously my ears aren’t even pierced. That’s what first brought me to the fabulous Bridgette Raes, who so skillfully taught me how wear jewelry.  Yes I’ve found ANOTHER subscription service that will grow the contents of your jewelry box (hey if you know of any cool subscription services shoot me an email cgr0130 at gmail dot com)! Cate & Chloe has launched a VIP Membership program that will deliver members C&C’s newest and most popular pieces twice a month on the 1st & the 15th.  One item each month will be an exclusive pre-release item that will only be available to members.  The membership will deliver $200 worth of exquisite jewelry for $40 a month. Stylists will pick out popular items to send you, and their choices will be steered by the VIP personalization quiz you take to determine your preferences.

Cate & Chloe Jewelry
As a VIP member you not only get your monthly jewelry packages, but you also enjoy a variety of other perks as well. These benefits include a free gift on sign-up, 20% off any other item purchased, free shipping on any order, pre-release jewelry items, special customer support, and exchanges for products you don’t love.

Yup that’s right. A piece of jewelry shows up and you hate it? Send it back, call or email and customer service will make sure it’s replaced with something you do love.

Exclusive to Bridgette’s readers, use the code “FabFind” readers 20% off when you sign up for VIP membership. If that wasn’t enough Cate & Chloe have generously agreed to give away a piece of their exquisite jewelry (retail value $99) to one of our readers. Comment why you want  a piece of Cate & Chloe jewelry, like their Facebook page, and post the link to either your Facebook or Twitter account.

Learn more at cateandchloe.com