I love the idea of charm bracelets, but I don’t own any. I don’t like wearing anything on my wrists in interferes with my typing, certainly not something with other things dangling off it. But the idea of personalized jewelry, charms that tell a story really appeals to me.

I was invited to an event a few weeks ago, for Origami Owl, and was introduced to the founder a 17 year old Arizona girl named Bella, who told me she named the company almost at random because she liked the word “Owl” and there happen to be an origami crane on desk  when she was jotting down ideas.

The basis of her idea is the “Living Locket” a clear glass locket you fill with charms.  Not only are the charms darn cute but I’ve been wearing my necklace ever since and everywhere I go people ask about it. I love pointing out all the little charms and telling the story behind each one.

Origami Owl

I just love this idea of personalizing gifts. I made a necklace for our esteemed leader Bridgette with a purse, a shoe and little cell phone!

Origami Owl offers an opportunity for people host jewelry parties in their own homes. I could see that being a really fun event for teens, creating their own sweet sixteen lockets or graduation gifts for friends.

I have to confess after I made my lovely little locket I went on their website and I’m already planning on buying new charms I can exchange for the ones I have now.

Visit Origami Owl for more information and to create your own Living Locket.