I don’t know about you but I often go shopping online and happily click “add to cart” dresses or products I know I will never actually buy, but I just want to keep an eye on them in case something odd happens like I win $10 million dollars from a lottery scratcher or wake up with a size 6 body (or both). And I’ve had that crushing moment when I head back to Macys.com only to discover my ‘cart’ is empty! Yes I was never going to buy that breathtaking Michael Kors dress with all the straps, for starters I’d have no idea how to ever get that thing on but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to continue to gaze at it wistfully while sighing.

Keep.com is website similar to Pinterest in that people “Keep” products the way you “Pin” stuff on Pinterest, but the idea behind  Keep.com  is these products are all for sale.  After you create an account and you start scrolling through what trending. When you see something you like, you can buy it, or Keep it for later. And you can upload items yourself.  Simply drag the Keep It button to your browser bookmark bar. Then, visit your favorite retail sites, and open the “detail page” for a product you want to Keep. Click the Keep It button in your browser bookmark bar and you’ll be prompted to select or create a Collection on Keep for that item to live.

You can use this to create wishlists for yourself or for your birthday (Hey people! Buy me stuff from this list or never speak to me again!).

But my favorite feature is that you can follow other people whose tastes reflect yours. Following people whose taste you like gives you a completely personalized experience on Keep. Under MyFeed, you’ll see just the Keeps from people you follow.

For example I love love love the clothes worn by Victoria Greyson (portrayed by the lovely and ageless actress Madeleine Stowe) on the ABC hit drama “Revenge”. Not a week goes by I’m not skittering over to wornontv.net  to see who designed Victoria’s amazing clothes. Now if Victoria was a real person I’d follow her on Keep to discover amazing new clothes since I love everything she wears (well almost everything, a pink and black monstrosity had me wondering if Stowe lost a bet with the costumer).

And of course I am following Bridgette Raes (even though she hasn ‘t started Keeping anything yet) because I’m dying to know what she will Keep.

You can set preferences, do searches, its a really fun way to discover new items. This deserves to be a fab find if nothing else it will help discover Fab Finds!

Visit Keep.com for more.