Well, how cool is this?  Earlier this week, I shared a post that I wrote for reading glasses company, Readers.com, on how to age gracefully and stylish things that women over 40 know (click here if you missed it), and now Readers.com is offering 25% off sitewide to all my blog readers!  As I was told, this is a bigger discount than they give to their own email readers.

To take advantage of this special deal, that lasts until June 1st, 2014, click this link built especially for us.

As you know, I get all my reading glasses at Readers.com.  To see which ones I have purchased, click here.

Thanks to Readers.com, on behalf of all my readers who need reading glasses to enjoy this blog.  We will now all read it with style.  Cheers!

Again, to redeem this discount, be sure to click this link directly to get to the page created special for you.