One great thing about writing for Bridgette Raes’ Friday’s Fab Find is I get to spotlight small private owned companies. Don’t get me wrong if a huge company comes out with an amazing product it certainly not off the table but those companies have huge budget for advertising. Smaller companies rely on word of mouth. I like supporting small privately owned business, it’s good for the local communities they support. It’s a way for me to pay it forward.

While teaching English in China after college, Hannah Davis discovered a pair of funky, old-school Chinese work shoes, and thus BANGS shoes were born. BANGS Shoes are comfortable high quality canvas sneakers with classic yet trendy with monochromatic styling as their signature. That alone would make them a Fab Find, but the company goes one step further.

Davis derived the brand name BANGS from the Chinese character for the word help, which is spelled b-a-n-g. When you buy BANGS Shoes, 20% of net profits are used to help people start their own businesses through their nonprofit partner, Kiva. Kiva’s mission starts with the power of the individual. People stricken with poverty need more than just stuff. BANGS Shoes and Kiva connect people to alleviate poverty through loans that help individuals start their own businesses. The goal? To provide resources to people that provides opportunities to alleviate poverty and create real lasting change through loans that help individuals start their own businesses.

And the shoes are really cute.

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