May is skin cancer awareness month, a cause that has been near and dear to Bridgette Raes’ heart since losing her father to Melanoma in 1997.  With that in mind we have decided to devote the entire month of Friday’s Fab Finds to sun protection.

Our first Fab Find is SummerSkin, an amazing sun protective clothing line that is designed to both prevent skin cancer and be fabulously chic.

Summer Kramer came up with the idea for her company after being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2007. After her successful recovery, Summer was advised by her dermatologist to wear sun protective clothing. This would turn out to be easier said than done. Finding clothes to be either purely designed to be active wear or simply dowdy, this handy woman came up with her own solution.

From her website:

“What I wanted was fashionable apparel that would protect my skin from harmful UV rays, while still maintaining a sense of style, versatility, and expression. Something I could feel confident wearing to a picnic or an outdoor function, or just walking around the city.”

Today, the company combines high-end luxury fabrics composed of natural cottons, Tencel, and bamboo/cotton blends with a research and development process that is backed by a licensed pharmacist and skin cancer survivor.

Protect your skin with luxurious fabrics while wearing chic comfortable clothing. Does it get any better than this?

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