By the way I love bold earrings you would never think I waited until I was 38 before I pierced my ears.   I guess I am making up for lost time because earrings are my favorite accessories, especially having short hair.  In today’s Accessorized 5 Ways post I am going to give you my tips on how how wear bold earrings using this turquoise pair from Banana Republic.  If you’ve avoided bold earrings, worried that you would look like you are dangling two hub caps off your lobes, or if you just think they make too much of a statement, this post may just have you rethinking this.

First, my tips

The size of bold earrings

Truly, the size you choose for your earrings is all up to you.  If you like large, go large.  However, in certain environments, like a conservative workplace, or in situations where you don’t want to distract others with your dangling baubles, you may want to appropriately go bold.  A guideline to use in these cases is to never go larger than your eye socket.  Anything bigger may pull focus.  Again, this tip applies in situations where you don’t want focused pulled from your face or what you are saying.   You can wear bold earring without massive chandeliers.

The length of bold earrings

Again, this is your call, I’ve seen some women with earrings that graze their shoulders (too much for me, personally).  To each their own, however, in situations described earlier, times where you want the focus on your face or what you are saying, the length of your earrings are best when they don’t hang longer than where your jawbone angles.  To find this, place your finger at the base of your ear and feel for your jawbone.  Trace the line of your jaw with your finger until it angles.  This is the point of length you want to adhere to in situation where you don’t want your earrings to do the talking.

The shape of your bold earrings

Majority of people have oval shaped faces, which is considered the most balanced face shapes.  However, some people have square shaped faces, very round faces, heart shaped faces and very wide jaws and narrow hairlines.  In cases like this, the basic rule of thumb is this: If you want to enhance the shape of your face choose earrings that mirror your face shape.   If you want to minimize the shape of your face, like if you want to soften a very angular face shape, softer, rounder earrings will bring balance.  Someone with an oblong shaped face may find that their face looks extra long in very dangly, skinny earrings, for example.

How to fix earrings that cause irritation

Cheap earrings can often cause infections and irritation, which can be frustrating if you love the pair.  A quick fix to try is to coat the post and backs with clear nail polish, which may protect your ears from directly touching the metal.

How to wear bold earrings

Here are five outfits using bold earrings to show how useful they can be to have in your wardrobe.  And check out the other bold earrings styles suggested at the end of this post.

Outfit #1- With a printed top or dress

Bold earrings can be particularly helpful when wearing a printed top or dress because, sometimes, the necklace can get lost within the print.  Bold earrings finish an outfit, work with the print you are wearing and adds color near the face.

In this outfit, I styled this Modcloth dress with the bold earrings. Picking up the pink in the print, I added a pair of Dr. Scholl’s wedges in pink, a versatile sand color handbag, and a white shrug from Calvin Klein.

Outfit #2- Tonally, and with yellow

What I like about these turquoise earrings is how they work with so many colors.  In this outfit they work tonally with these navy Reiss pants and complement the yellow Boden jacket.  The rest of the outfit is styled with an ivory eyelet Vince Camuto shell, a pair of polka dots flat slingbacks and a turquoise Furla handbag that work beautifully with the earrings.

Outfit #3- With coral

I love that these earrings can be dressed up or dressed down.  I also love how well this color works with coral, like this open weave cardigan from Lucky Brand.  It’s a great layering piece over this spaghetti strap top from Modcloth that can be worn with these boyfriend jeans and denim and metallic flats from Anthropologie.  To finish the outfit, and to work with the flats, I added this versatile metallic tote from Banana Republic.

Outfit #4- With red

Another color that turquoise works well with is red, like with this back button sweater from Boden, a great work top.  Here I styled the sweater and earrings with this Topshop printed pencil skirt.  What I also like about these earrings with this outfit is the blue is pulled from the skirt and placed near the face.  Plus the outfit looks finished.  How often have you been bored in just a top and pencil skirt?  Who knew that all you needed was a pair of bold earrings?  To finish the look, I added a pair of nude J. Crew stack heel pumps and the same Furla handbag used earlier.  It’s an expensive bag, it should get a lot of use.

Outfit #5- To liven up a white dress

If buying a white dress is on your agenda for summer, might I suggest you purchase some colorful earrings to bring some color near your face?  White dresses, like this one from Topshop, can be pretty in theory but can make some women look pasty and pale.  To avoid this, I used these earrings to add a punch.  The earrings may not help you look like you just got off a cruise ship but they will bring in some much needed color.  To continue with color, I added this printed Aldo clutch and finished the outfit with these out-of-control amazing Aerin heeled gold sandals.

Shop for bold earrings

Now that you are convinced that you need some bold earrings, check out these styles of all different shapes, price points and styles, for any occasion.