If someone you know is in need a fashion makeover do you tell them?  Short answer?  No way, uh-uh, 100% no.  In my twelve years of dressing women have I ever told someone they needed a makeover?  Nope.  It’s a strict rule I swear by, to never tell anyone they need help, even when I desperately think they do.  Do I make women over in my head?  Yes, all the time.  In fact, my brain runs on auto pilot, which can get pretty noisy in my head when I am walking down a NYC street.  I tweak everyone I encounter, not because they all look bad, but because I am so conditioned, at the point, to style people.  This is what a one block walk can sound like in my mind, “Great shoes, needs a belt.  Ooh, if only she hemmed her pants.  Needs some color.  Wish she was wearing a necklace.”  I don’t even hear myself anymore.

On my YouTube channel, I shared this video about this topic and why it is never a good idea to actually tell someone outright that they need fashion help. I also give my advice on how to plant the seed with someone you think might need a fashion makeover and, if you are a boss who has an employee who needs some style help, some ways to go about approaching them that is empowering and respectful.  Watch the video below for my advice.

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