I love leopard.  In fact I often tell people who refuse to wear leopard that I just can’t like them.  Okay, that is a bit hyperbolic, I don’t judge the worthiness of others based on their accessory choices, but I do think leopard can be a great way to add some pizzazz to an outfit and those who refuse to consider it are just missing out on some fun.  I don’t mean to wear leopard in a Peg Bundy  or New Jersey mob wife type of way, I mean in small doses, like classy silhouettes and accessories.  In today’s Accessorized Five Ways I am going to show you some interesting ways you can add a leopard belt to an outfit. Leopard may seem limiting at first.  Few think beyond wearing it with black or brown or using it to pop an understated outfit.  You hardly need my advice to add a leopard belt or shoes to a black dress, a brown pair of pants or around a white top, this is all fairly obvious.  But if you’ve got a leopard belt sitting in your drawer, desperately wanting to be wrapped around your waist, here are five untacky and creative ways you might want to consider wearing it.

How to wear a leopard belt

Using this leopard belt from Piperlime, here are five outfits to inspire you to think outside the box (or should I say cage…leopard, cage, get it?  Oh, Nevermind). Outfit #1- With a colorful dress

Adding a leopard belt to a dress doesn’t stop with your little black dress, you can add a leopard belt to a dress in just about any solid color.  Here I added this leopard belt to a yellow Topshop sundress which not only adds some subtle punch but warmth to the dress.  To finish the look, I styled the outfit with a retro short sleeved cardigan from Boden, a tortoise and gold bracelet from MICHAEL Michael Kors, a pair of brown sandals and a tan and yellow handbag from Ivanka Trump and simple gold stud earrings from Tory Burch. Outfit #2- To cinch in a drapey tunic top
This summer it seems like all tops are just drapey and shapeless.  At the height of the summer nobody wants to feel restricted, however, at the same time, shapeless tops can look dumpy and unflattering on some bodies.  In this outfit, I not only show how this leopard belt can add some shape to this tank top from Modcloth, without sacrificing the drape, but also how you don’t have to be limited with the color you can wear with this belt.  In this outfit it is styled with a pair of Papaya colored skinny jeans.  With all the colored jeans and shorts out there right now, don’t ditch the leopard belt thinking you can’t wear it with colored bottoms.  The outfit is complete with some metallic accessories, a pendant necklace from Stella & Dot, a pair of Sam Edelman sandals and a casual Vince Camuto tote. Outfit #3- To add some pep to your prep
I love a preppy look in the summer, especially when it has some unexpected edge.  There is something about a modern accent when paired with more classic pieces that can really update an outfit that is grounded firmly in tradition.  Here, the leopard belt punches up this classic green mini skirt and chambray shirt from J. Crew.  Chambray and leopard can be such a delicious combination.   To further add some punch, I styled this outfit with a coral handbag from Jessica Simpson, green stud earrings and a pair of nude ballerina flats.  The outfit is very classic but how it is combined isn’t. Outfit #4- With pinstripe trousers
If you don’t know this already, you can treat pinstripes as a solid.  Here this pair of classic charcoal pinstripe pants get an extra pop with the leopard belt.  To add even more pizazz I also added a pair of red kitten heeled loafers.  This is a great work look that remains professional but won’t put your colleagues to sleep.  The simple Boden short sleeve cardigan is used again and the outfit is finished with a beige handbag and gold hoop earrings. Outfit #5- With white
You love the idea of wearing white in the summer but don’t know what to do with it.  Black seems too stark and white accessories makes you feel like Florence Nightingale.  Consider winding a leopard belt around the waist of your white dress, white jeans or pants.  Here, I take this white Mango dress (that does come with it’s own belt) and sub in the leopard belt to change it up.  A great way to get more variety from a summer dress is to swap out the belt it comes with and add a different one.  I do this all the time with my summer dresses.  The outfit is finished with gold– a handbag from Tory Burch, chandelier earrings and a pair of wedge sandals by Tommy Hilfiger. Small details, like leopard belts, give you the opportunity to add some quick freshness to an outfit that has started to feel stale.  When it comes to style it isn’t about what you wear but how you wear it that counts.

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