“People say she’s crazy, she’s got diamonds on the soles of her shoes
Well that’s one way to lose these walking blues” – Paul Simon

Do you ever think about the soles of your shoes? Even notice them? I would have thought “No who notices that?” But in July the ageless actress Heather Graham walked a red carpet and the next day everyone was talking about how she’d left the price stickers on the soles of 5 inch stiletto pumps.

And of course there was that seemingly ENDLESS lawsuit between Yves St Laurent and Christian Louboutin over Louboutin’s trademark red soles. I heard through the grapevine there’s a shoe repair guy below Houston who will paint your soles red.

Whether we like it or not people notice your soles. But what if you’re soles are scuffed or worse boring? Arch Tags!  Arch Tags are a fun and temporary way to spice up your shoe wardrobe. With over 50 different designs ranging from the ghoulish to the wacky and everything in between you’ll no doubt see a pattern you simply must have. I personally cannot wait to wear the “Flannel” pattern to this year’s “Dresses to Kilt” ball.

To apply your tags, simply stick the applique onto the sole of your clean shoe, trim off the excess material around the sole with a craft blade or scissors, and you’re done. Arch Tags are water and UV resistant meaning that if you get them slightly wet the ink will not run. They also will not curl up around the edges, tear, and if you keep the adhesive clean- can be used more than one time. You can even speak with the company about creating a custom design!

And the best news of all, Arch Tags has agreed to give away a pair to one lucky reader! Like Arch Tags Facebook page and leave a comment saying how you would use an Arch Tags to express yourself and you might win!