Every woman knows that putting together a basic work wardrobe can be hard. Not as hard as it would be if we hadn’t found our esteemed leader Bridgette Raes, even then it remains challenging.

Once I wanted to buy a black skirt, a simple plain black skirt that could go with any top. I don’t like buying things online, my body type (plus size, 5 ft) make fit a challenge. After 5 hours I gave UP! Every skirt had ruffles or a print or some other geegaw that would make it impossible to wear with anything other than the matching top.

If only 25 Bedford had existed then! 25 Bedford is the destination for chic, work-appropriate staples, founded by Keri Ferry in the spring of 2014.  Ferry found herself motivated by the notion that women utilize only 20% of their closet 80% of the time, thus building the foundation of the collection off of fit, function and fashion:

•          Fit starts with the fabric, which is intended for pencil skirts instead of pants
•          Function ensures everything is within the dress code
•          Fashion plays with color and design elements to keep the pieces fresh

As a former financier, Ferry set out to fill the void for a wearable, stylish brand that catered to today’s working woman.  With her passion for quality design combined with her frustration with the lack of innovation in the existing marketplace, she created a brand that strictly offers modern styles and silhouettes available in quality fabrics and endless color variations.

And of course I don’t need to tell you Bridgette Raes has a million tips on accessorizing. Never wear another boring outfit to work again!