Is there anything more satisfying than having a one of kind item? Maybe because I have four sisters I’m extremely competitive with, but the idea of “This is mine! You can’t have it!” makes me happy (yes I’m awful and yes my sisters hate me).

The only thing that makes me happier is knowing I’m not just getting a great one of kind item but I’m empowering amazing women whose skilled hands craft the unique and fashionable crafts you’ll find at Harkiss Designs .

Harriet Zaffoni, a New Yorker, of Ugandan descent began traveling to her homeland of Uganda and other Eastern Africans countries. There she was shocked by the social inequities  but instead of getting depressed came with up with an ingenious solution that took advantage of the local women’s skills in handcrafting beautiful and intricate items in wood, stone, cow horn, leather and other natural products. With her razor-sharp business savvy and a lifelong flair for style she created Harkiss Designs

In addition to providing amazing products, the talented artists who work for Harkiss Designs get jobs to support their families, Harkiss benefits the communities they live in and locally sources all the natural sustainable materials that go into their products.

But that’s not the best part: the best part is everything they sell is gorgeous, reasonably priced, and completely unique! I may buy a few things and leave them on my coffee table as conversations pieces. And of course I’ll post some pics on Instagram. To make my sisters jealous